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Market Lunch


Market Lunch is a vendor at the city’s famous Eastern Market. The walk up and order style offers an exciting hustle and bustle vibe that’s a refreshing step back from sit down Washington, DC restaurants. Enjoy your breakfast or lunch at long wooden tables out of paper trays with the lively scene going on around you.


Located on 7th Street and North Carolina Avenue, Market Lunch and the Eastern Market are just a half-mile from the Capitol Hill Hotel. Guests can walk from their rooms over to the popping food and arts scene in just ten-minutes, or travel by car and get there in half the time. The market is also within walking distance of the National Mall, making it a good stopping point during a long day exploring the country’s most iconic memorials and monuments.


What you try at Market Lunch completely depends what time of day you go. First thing in the morning, be aware that its claim to fame are the fluffy blueberry buckwheat pancakes served with a side of thick-cut bacon. Market Lunch also does standard egg plates, omelets, French toast and more.

When lunchtime rolls around, you’ve got to indulge in one of the many famous sandwiches. Fried oysters on a roll are a crunchy, salty delight that is a strong representation of the city’s renowned seafood scene. They also do a crab cake sandwich and standalone soft shell crab entrees that will make you understand why this sweet crustacean is famous throughout the region.

While perusing all of the merchants and vendors at Eastern Market, be sure to try some corned beef at Canales Delicatessen and chocolates at Fine Sweet Shop.

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