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Good Stuff Eatery


With three DC Metro locations, one in Chicago and one in Saudi Arabia, Good Stuff Eatery’s flagship location is right here in Capitol Hill. It’s a farm-to-table burger joint with handcrafted sandwiches, individually cut fries and milkshakes all made with the freshest ingredients. Known for their stacked and ambitious creations, Good Stuff Eatery is a neighborhood favorite. Don’t believe us? Just ask President Obama, he’s been known to drop by for a bite from time to time.


Good Stuff Eatery is located in Capitol Hill on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 3rd St SE. Located on a stretch of lounges, restaurants and cafes, the iconic burger shop is just a three-minute walk from the Capitol Hill Hotel. This makes it an easy spot to drop by after a long day walking the National Mall checking out our country’s most iconic memorials and monuments, or for a quick bite on your way out to a night on the town.


Starting off your meal at Good Stuff Eatery, one of the most well-known Washington, DC restaurants, you need to try one of their many, renowned hand spun milk shakes. Toasted marshmallow and red velvet are among the most popular from the eclectic and artisanal offerings. You should also try some of their village fries topped with fresh thyme, rosemary and sea salt, or vidalia fried onion petals.

Moving to the main course, you have to get a burger. That’s basically all Good Stuff Eatery offers. A number of original burgers make it an eclectic enough joint where anyone in the family can find something they like. The Prez Obama Burger is a famous option with applewood bacon, onion marmalade, roquefort cheese and horseradish mayo.

If you’re not into meat, give Good Stuff Eatery’s ‘Shroom Burger a shot. It comes with muenster and cheddar stuffed portobello tops fried with panko crumbs, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles with good stuffs tangy house sauce. If you’re really not feeling the burger, the restaurant also serves a surprisingly delightful wedge salads.

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