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What You Need To Know About The Library Of Congress


July 2nd, 2018

What You Need To Know About The Library Of Congress

What You Need To Know About The Library Of Congress The Library Of Congress holds one of the most comprehensive collections of books, and historical works of the mind in the world. So, what does that even mean? And, how can you enjoy it? You can find out in this short breakdown of what you need to know about the Library of Congress.

What It is

According to its website, the Library of Congress is the research library officially serving the United States Congress, and it is the national library of the United States. It is also the government’s oldest cultural institution, founded in April of 1800. Last fun fact that makes it fun and worth visiting—it’s also the largest library in the country.

The Services It Provides

The Library Of Congress provides research tools and access to its millions of volumes of works to politicians, teachers, researchers, and students. It’s also a place to come and find duplication services including digital, microfilm and paper copies, the U.S. Copyright Office, an interlibrary loan, the American Folklife Center, and free concerts.

What Can You Discover There

The Library of Congress holds over 35 million volumes of written works. You can come and peruse digital collections of historic maps, photographs, letters, diaries, newspapers, and personal accounts of various events throughout history. There are also a breathtaking amount of sound recordings, and films. In the library itself, you can utilize knowledgeable libraries and historic specialists to help you find relevant works in the large collection. This is also a place where you can comb through our country’s vast and often complex legislative writings.


Visiting the Library of Congress is easy, informative, and memorable. You can take a free one-hour walking tour of the historic Jefferson Building, and explore more specific tours on the library’s website. When you come, there will also be exhibitions, events, lectures, and a number of quiet reading rooms waiting for you.

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