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Why We Love The National Arboretum


October 2nd, 2018

Why We Love The National Arboretum

Why We Love The National ArboretumSince it was established in 1927 by an Act of Congress, the National Arboretum has taken up nearly 500 acres of land in northeast DC. A beautiful local attraction, it offers a whole lot for visitors to enjoy. To help simplify your visit, we broke down some of the main reasons why we love the National Arboretum.

The Gardens & Collections

There are a vast number of gardens and collections located throughout the National Arboretum, and you should visit as many as you have time for. The Asian Collections are really impressive with areas modeled after Japanese Woodlands and Korean Hillsides. The Azalea Collections are also impressive with a number of azalea gardens.

The Grass Roots Exhibit

One of the more unique attractions at the arboretum, The Grass Roots Exhibit features an in-depth study on turfgrass and the science behind it. The exhibit features lawn care information, displays on the myths and truths about turfgrass, and many more exciting attractions.

The Tours

The National Arboretum usually offers tram tours throughout a given day, which is a pre-recorded tour on a 48-passenger tram that travels through the gardens and collections. The 35-minute experience is the most in-depth and all-encompassing way to learn and see the arboretum. You can also book private tram tours when it’s up and running.

The Events

Throughout a given year, the arboretum will host a number of fun and interactive events for you to enjoy. These happenings range from celebrations of specific plants, vegetables, or herbs, to new exhibits and workshops. Check out the calendar before your next visit to see what’s happening during your upcoming trip.

The Knowledge

The U.S. National Arboretum is home to a number of working teachers and scientists who help conduct research and educate visitors on the countless plants surrounding. Come on in and see if you can chat up one of these brilliant minds, or just walk the arboretum and enjoy the products of their collective knowledge.

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