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What to See at Museum of the Bible


April 23rd, 2018

What to See at Museum of the Bible

The Bible open to the Psalms Regardless of your religion, the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC is full of interesting information and fascinating exhibits. From immersive, walkthrough experiences, to educational exhibits, these are some of the best attractions to check out there:

Vatican Exhibit

The first floor of the Museum of the Bible will take your breath away with its grand hall adorned by Jerusalem stone columns, mammoth LED displays, and a long-term exhibit from the Vatican Museums and Vatican Library. The exhibit features centuries-old manuscripts, art from the Vatican, and a variety of other “treasures.”

The Bible In America

On the second floor of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, you can check out a variety of exhibits tracing the Bible and its influence in different parts of the world. The section focusing on America is particularly interesting, considering this is our nation’s capital, and that it traces the history of the text from its presence in the lives of original settlers to how it exists in modern culture.

Bible Now

Bible Now is another second-floor exhibit that’s particularly interesting. It focuses on the Bible’s influence on modern technology, and the ever-changing feed of global data. Breaking news on how the Bible is being translated and championed online, as well as data on the digital readership of the book are some of the highlights of this favorite museum stop-off.

The Hebrew Bible Experience

Moving up to the third floor, there are interesting, immersive experiences for fans of both the Old and New testaments. Beginning with The Hebrew Bible Experience, this 30-minute experience takes you through an artistic passageway sharing narratives from the Hebrew Bible, with depictions of Noah’s Ark, and Passover among other famous tales.

World of Jesus of Nazareth

Moving into another walk-through experience on the third floor of the Museum of the Bible, the World of Jesus of Nazareth is a recreation of a magical time, and a magical setting. The exhibit is there to provide context for Jesus’s teachings, and his experience growing up in the recreated village of Galilee.

Museums and Beyond

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