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A Day on the Washington Mall


March 11th, 2015

A Day on the Washington Mall

As we are constantly on the lookout for fun and interesting things to do around Washington DC, sometimes we overlook the city’s most well known and iconic collection of attractions— the National Mall. The warm weather is slowly coming back into town, and we’ve taken to the streets to stroll by our nation’s most iconic buildings, monuments and memorials. To learn a little bit more about the expansive set of attractions present the National Mall, and gain a bit of visual taste for what the area has to offer, check out our day on the National Mall photo tour: Hirshorn-Museum-and-Sculpture-Garden--Smithsonian Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden sculpture The Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is its own destination entirely. While the National Mall is a large and time consuming place to visit, it's worth stopping here to hang out for a bit and take in all of the brilliant artistry. forwebsculpture smithsonian The Smithsonian is an expansive collection of museums and institutions spread out across some beautiful buildings and spaces. The highly curated and imcomparably expansive reach of the Smithsonian Institution makes it the ideal cultural hub of Capitol Hill and the National Mall. Freer-Gallery-of-Art Freer Art Gallery Dept-of-Agriculture Department of Agriculture capitol1 It's the law in Washington DC that no building shall stand taller than the Washington Monument. So, when you look around the city, this brilliant building will always be standing above all else. lincoln The Lincoln Memorial sits peacefully on the mystically frozen Tidal Basin. This sight is equally beautiful in the spring and summer when the city's beloved Cherry Blossom trees are in full bloom. ww2quote The World War II Memorial is filled with brilliant quotes and insights into the widespread reach of this monumental period. ww2memorioal WWII Memorial mempool The world famous Reflecting Pool is also quite majestic when frozen blue from the winter. lincmem School children gather on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, an iconic destination for field trips and family outings. pooltime The view from the Lincoln Memorial. honestabe Honest Abe. fedreserve The Federal Reserve. hotdogs It may be American, it may just be a random thing, but there are a ton of hot dog vendors on the National Mall. whitehouse The White House. africanmuseum The Museum of African American History and Culture will soon be another iconic destination at the National Mall. museum-of-american-history National Museum of American History. archives National Archives. botanic-garden The United States Botanic Garden. With so much to observe and visit, this small preview is just a drop in the bucket. Take in the all the wonder by visiting Capitol Hill Hotel and walking the National Mall for yourself.

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