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Top 5 Things to See and Do at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum


April 5th, 2015

Top 5 Things to See and Do at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

As one of the most popular and visited wings of the expansive Smithsonian Institution, the National Air & Space Museum serves DC as an extraordinary, family-friendly attraction. Located right on the National Mall, a few minutes walk from the Capitol Hill Hotel, the National Air & Space Museum is a must-visit. With so many things to see and do at the museum, we’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite attractions.

Experience Flight

With the focal point of the National Air & Space Museum being flight, it makes sense that there are a plethora of ways for guests and visitors to learn about traveling through the air. The most dynamic section of the building to experience flight is the wing entitled How Things Fly, Sponsored by Boeing. With fun, interactive games, educational placards and child friendly attractions, the exhibit offers visitors a full-circle experience.

Check out History

With the largest collection of historic aircrafts in the world, the National Air & Space Museum is an incomparably incredible place to just look at artifacts. From old airplanes hanging from the ceiling to out-of-service space ships retouched into interactive exhibits, the breadth of history to check out at the museum is quite remarkable.

Explore the Universe


From the sky to the great beyond, the National Air & Space Museum explores all the way to the final frontier. Combining informative videos and literature along with an inarguably impressive collection of artifacts from outer space, the museum provides families an incredible platform to explore the universe!


In addition to an amazing collection of interactive games and mind blowing artifacts, the National Air & Space Museum is full of education. While the thought of learning may not make the kids jump out of their seats, parents are often happily surprised by the allure of stories and interesting facts about the sky and beyond.

Check out a Flick

The most impressive accomplishment in cinema can be enjoyed here at the most impressive institution for adventure and exploration. The National Air & Space Museum’s Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater offers guests the opportunity to enjoy educational and visually spectacular films during their visit. Keeping the museum's theme of miraculous and mind-blowing attractions, the IMAX is hands down one of the best things to do and see at the National Air & Space Museum.

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