Nationals park building stadium with sign and flags on overcast day in downtown

There’s a lot going on in the historic Navy Yard neighborhood of Washington, DC right now. Its biggest plans will invite large-scale projects that will spend decades bringing new culture and industry to the area. As excited as we are all for the renovations and additions, there’s also a new pop-up and baseball season that are also bringing fresh life to the Navy Yard.

Some New Treats At A Local Favorite

Recently local chain Ice Cream Jubilee’s Navy Yard location will expand its options for a pop-up collaboration with the Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. Day-time, limited-time options for this fun experience include an avocado BLT on a savory biscuit, and a syrup-drenched ice-cream sundae sandwich. The name of this collaboration is Minnie, and will run through June 1st.

Nationals Baseball

A new season of Nationals Baseball is coming to the Washington Navy Yard, giving local baseball fans and travelers just over 80 opportunities to tune in live to watch one of the best teams in baseball. If you’re in town during the upcoming, sun-soaked months, be sure to head out to Nationals Park to catch superstars like Bryce Harper swing for the fences.

The New Development

Okay, with plenty of fun new things going on in the DC Navy Yard in the coming months, there are also a ton of long-term plans that have people talking. The development is a 42-acre waterfront property that will be called “The Yards.” The large-scale project will feature nearly 3,500 residencies, 400,000 square feet of retail, dining, and cultural establishments. Such a large-scale endeavor. The goal of the development is said to preserve the Navy Yard’s industrial aesthetic, while bringing a contemporary, sleek update to the area’s aesthetic.

Where To Follow The Project

To keep up with this DC Navy Yard development, you can follow the company Forest City, a real estate institution that’s spearheading the project. Since its construction is expected to last until 2030, there will certainly be a lot of changes, and new developments along the way. In the meantime, you can still head to the neighborhood, grab a biscuit sandwich, and head to a ball game.

Washington DC Navy Yard and Beyond

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