When you visit Washington, DC, it’ll be up to you how you get around, but remember that traveling itself is an experience worth thinking about. You can rub shoulders with locals on the subway, go out on an exciting boat tour, or do any of these other suggestions we’ve laid out for you.

Take the DC Metro

A DC Metro Card is an affordable way to give yourself access to DC’s many neighborhoods and hidden gems. Moving both above and below ground, this form of public transportation is one that gives the city life each and every day. If you want to ride with the people, and travel a lot for a little, hop on the metro.  

Take The Circulator

Another fun and unique form of public transportation in Washington, DC is the famous Circulator Bus. Anyone can board for just one dollar, and enjoy a ride around the whole city on a circular route. If you’re trying to check out Georgetown, or another neighborhood along the route, this could be your best bet.

Borrow a Bicycle

Washington, DC is filled with amazing places to take a bike ride. Near the Capitol Hill Hotel, you can take a cruise along the National Mall and see buildings like the U.S. Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, and Jefferson Memorial. Also, if you stay with the Capitol Hill Hotel, you can borrow one of our specially designed Republic Bikes for free.

Head Out on Foot

With sites like the National Mall, and restaurants like Charlie Palmer Steak within walking distance of the Capitol Hill Hotel, taking a walk is another great way to explore. Additionally, if you get a ride out to one of DC’s other famously walkable neighborhoods like Georgetown or Dupont Circle, be sure to give yourself time to stroll.

Go Out on the Water

Right on the Potomac River, DC can also offer its travelers some fun experiences exploring the area on a boat. Some examples of ways to venture out onto the water include renting paddle boats at the gorgeous, cherry-blossom-lined Tidal Basin, taking a DC Duck Tour, or heading out on an old school riverboat on the Potomac River.

Planning a getaway to DC? Stay in the chic Capitol Hill neighborhood for easy access to the city’s best offerings. Learn more about DC happenings on our blog, here.