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Our Favorite Local Social Media Accounts


June 11th, 2018

Our Favorite Local Social Media Accounts

View through the window of a woman sitting and looking at her cell phone You can discover quite a bit about a city when diving through its most knowledgeable and insider social media accounts. Looking to some journalists, photographers, and foodies, we broke down some of our favorite feeds to follow from the DC area.


This Twitter account comes from the Washington Post’s Food Anchor, and writer Mary Beth Albright. Come here for unique pieces on trendy foods and drinks available on Capitol Hill and around DC.


This is the Instagram account of Holly Garner, a local DC-based photographer whose eye for the city’s color and nature shines through her feed. She is the founder of IGDC as well, which is an awesome Instagram community account for DC photographers.


Doubling-up on the Holly Garner shoutouts, this community-run account is definitely worth checking out. You can look back on vibrant snaps of events you attended around DC, and discover some of the best spots to Instagram in Washington, DC.


A rarity among influencers, Hendrix often posts in real time, meaning his feed is a surprisingly honest look at the city, albeit through his surrealist eyes. He thinks Capitol Hill is the most photogenic neighborhood in the District, and we couldn’t agree more. Join the legions who follow him to see a great blend of street photography.


The Smithsonian is where you need to look to find the best museum exhibits coming to DC. It’s also a great institution in regards to local cultural events. For insights into the best collection of museums in the world, keep up on the Smithsonian Twitter account.


When you want to find out where the best times, and the best drinks are in a city—find a local expert. One of our favorites is Fritz Hahn whose been a long-time nightlife critic, and beer columnist for the Washington Post. His Instagram is a nice, easy-to-follow guide on where to have a good time in DC. Planning a getaway to DC? Stay in the chic Capitol Hill neighborhood for easy access to the city’s best offerings. Learn more about DC happenings on our blog, here.

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