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With the year quickly coming to a close you’ll want to make sure you get the opportunity to try everything you’ve been meaning to, especially before it’s time for New Year resolutions. Here are 5 of our favorite restaurants (young and old) for you to try this November.

Restaurant: MomofukuGood For: Asian Fare
We Suggest: Noodles
Opened: October 2015

Momofuku is new to the DC food scene, but is quickly becoming a favorite for tourists and locals alike. Inside brings together a blend of Asian culture, with large tables and paintings of cherry blossoms, as well as wooden seats contrasted against simple white walls. Momofuku’s staple is ramen, which is nothing like the dry packaged noodles from your college days. Instead it’s a hearty combination of noodles, pork belly and shoulder, with a poached egg on top. The menu offers visitors a few other options, like shrimp bun, which is served with spicy mayo, pickled red onion and iceberg lettuce between two doughy buns. Next door you can find Momofuku’s famous Milk Bar, where you can order treats like the crack pie shake—a blend of toasted oat crunch and creamy butter filling from an actual pie.

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Restaurant: GhibellinaGood For: Italian Cuisine
We Suggest: Pizza
Opened: May 2013

When visiting Ghibellinia you can sit at the large marble top bar, or at a table towards the back with views of chefs cooking up the pizza through an open brick wall. The thin crust brick oven pies are simple, with with options like the classic Marinara Pizza, a creamy tomato sauce pizza topped with oregano, basil and olio verde, you can’t go wrong. Try something a little different and opt for the Quattro Formaggi; topped with buffalo mozzarella, ricotta, grana padano, romano, hot peppers, sprinkled with a bit of garlic, basil and a dash of oregano.

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Restaurant: Buredo
Good For: Mexican-Japanese Fusion
We Suggest: Sushi
Opened: June 2015

Burrito sized sushi, need we say more? This small shop offers up a unique take on traditional rolls serving it split in half rather than in smaller bite size pieces. Unless you go at an off time, you’ll usually find yourself waiting in line to grab a bite. With only eight options on the menu, you would think it wouldn’t be too hard to choose. However, every buredo is different enough to make you stop and think. For those who prefer their sushi a bit spicier, try the Crazy 88 with slow cooked pork shoulder, carrot, kimchi slaw, red onion, cucumber, corn, jalapeno and baja sauce. For something a little sweeter try the Beatrix, a the yellowfin tuna and salmon roll,with cucumber, pickled cabbage, green onion, tempura crunch and unagi sauce. Regardless of which combination you finally decide upon, you will leave full and satisfied.

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Restaurant: The Coupe
Good For: American Style Food
We Suggest: Brunch
Opened: September 2012

The Coupe, hidden away in Columbia Heights, serves up breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks. Patrons eat outside on the patio, or in the casual and modern dining room with light up signage and casual sofa seating. With things like the traditional southern meal, Chicken and Waffles, to the Hash Brown Bowl, which combines sauteed onions and mushrooms, bacon, cheddar, jalapenos, and an egg, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

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Restaurant: El Chucho
Good For: Traditional Mexican Food
We Suggest: Tacos
Opened: June 2012

El Chucho is a small restaurant popular amongst hipsters who love cheap and delicious Mexican food and strong, fruity, margaritas. The bright blue building and yellow sign are hard to miss. Its unique menu offers food lovers items like elote—or better known as street style corn on the cob with cotija cheese drizzled on top. Or stick with more traditional foods and try the catfish tacos. The drink menu is sure to catch your eye as well. Head in during happy hour and pick up the strawberry habanero margarita for something a little different!

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