Hotels near the National Mall offer the best accessibility to America’s heritage and culture

Approximately one mile away down Independence Avenue, Capitol Hill Hotel is one of the most attractive hotels near National Mall in Washington D.C. Our modern appearance and unique style appeals to travelers looking for the essence of Washington D.C. Offering business amenities such as free Wi-fi and hourly booked meeting rooms, as well as close proximity to the National Mall and all of its attractions, Capitol Hill is an easy pick among Washington D.C. hotels for both professional and leisure travelers.
The landmarks and features of the National Mall represents some of the finest experiences this city has to offer. A national park by definition, the National Mall provides a scenic and conscious setting for many government buildings, memorials, monuments, statues, and more. This stretch of land is quintessentially classic D.C. sightseeing.

The National Mall itself contains a slew of attractions including the Smithsonian National Museum, the National Museum of American History and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. To the west stands America’s great memorials: Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Vietnam Veterans Memorial. To the east are the United States Capitol, Supreme Court, and Library of Congress.

Hotels near the National Mall, such as Capitol Hill Hotel, offer the opportunity for travelers to experience the United States’ greatest treasures and landmarks with ease, convenience, and comfort. With the soul of our nation’s capital just under a mile away, Capitol Hill Hotel guests have one-of-a-kind access to spectacle that has been centuries in the making.