The Washington Redskins have long been DC’s proud representative in the National Football League. The storied franchise is returning to the gridiron this fall, and Capitol Hill guests should definitely check out a game. For those who do, here’s a short guide on some things to do when you go to a Redskins game.


This is less of a specific tip for FedEx Field and more of a general guideline for most football games. Pick up a cheap grill, some burgers and beers and join DC’s most die hard fans for a pre-game in the parking lot early Sunday morning.

Pick Something Up at the Hall of Fame Store

Whether or not you’re a true Redskins fan doesn’t mean you can’t play the part for the fun of the day. Stop by the Hall of Fame Store on your way in and grab a DeSean Jackson or RGIII jersey to wear for the big showdown.

Play Around at the EA Sports Players Lounge

Don’t reserve your experience at FedEx field to just watching players, stop by the EA Sports Players Lounge and actually play with them. Decked out with screens and the Madden ‘16 video game, the lounge lets visitors have a beer and score some touchdowns before sitting down to enjoy the real deal.

Dress for the Weather

Early on in the season, you’ll do fine with a long sleeve shirt and a baseball cap. As the months go on, however, Redskins games can get as chilly as any other in the National Football League. Don’t let that deter you though, bundle up with a beanie and a coffee and scream with our most diehard fans.

Consider Purchasing a “Dream Seat” Ticket

Some people say, “Go big or go home.” At a Redskins game, this means reserving one of their enviable dream seats. Located on the field, essentially, these chairs are as close to the action as you can get. Hear the players jabber and the crowds roar from behind you as you get a front row taste of an electric day of football.

image via flickr