If you’re an avid cycler and looking to bike throughout your vacation, then DC is the perfect city for you. Washington has plenty of activities for cycling enthusiasts to enjoy, including urban paths and touristy options.  Here are our tips for biking in DC during your trip.

Rent A Bike

First things first, you’ll need to find yourself a bicycle. Luckily, we have exactly what you need right here at Capitol Hill Hotel. Our bikes are seasonally available on complimentary loan, and we’ll give you a helmet and lock to take on your adventures. Discover more details here.

Bike and Roll
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Hit The Trails!

Once you’ve got your set of wheels, start out with a trip on a picturesque bike path, like the North Bethesda trail. Want to take in a waterside view? Go for the Anacostia trail, which runs along the river that shares its name. You’ll get to take in the gorgeous scenery without having to worry about crashing into other vehicles on your way.

Get To The Streets

Once you’ve had a chance to explore the wooded routes, it’s time to head out to the town. Since many of DC’s streets have bike lanes, you’ll be able to cycle without having to worry about winding through traffic.

Ride Around The National Mall

If you want to get your tourist on while also getting in your exercise, bike on over to the National Mall. You can cycle past the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial and get in a dose of history on two wheels.

900 Ohio Drive SW
Washington, DC 20024

Take A Group Ride

For the perfect vacation activity, take a group ride of with a company like BikeSpace. You’ll get to meet DC residents and explore the city with Washingtonians, all at a much faster pace than a regular walking tour.

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