Washington, DC is filled with awe-inspiring destinations where the founding fathers made camp, where diplomats signed treaties, where leaders gave iconic speeches and where presidents got drunk. Flipping through the executive bar tabs of the past century, here are some of the spots where our nation’s leaders have knocked a few back.

The Monocle Restaurant

This upscale American and seafood restaurant opened during the John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon presidential election in 1960. According to its website, the two politicians were actually friends and regulars at the bar where they indulged food and yes, quite a few whiskeys and beers.

The Old Ebbitt Grill

Self touted as the oldest saloon in Washington, The Old Ebbitt Grill has been serving spirits to world leaders since 1856. Its website lists an impressive pedigree of former patrons including presidents Roosevelt, Cleveland, Johnson and Grant. Old Teddy apparently used to drink and bag animal heads at the main bar, but that was before cleanliness grades.

Martin’s Tavern

An old Georgetown bar and restaurant, Martin’s Tavern is best known as the place where JFK proposed to Jackie O. They’ve also served cocktails and meals to Truman, George W, and Lyndon Johnson. They keep their drinks classic here with a dynamite Irish coffee and brandy cocktail with bitters, simple syrup and a lemon twist.

Occidental Grill and Seafood

The Occidental Grill is a well-known retreat for politicos and celebrities alike. Old black and white portraits hang on the wall with autographs from Calvin Coolidge, FDR and other figures like Robert Frost and Amelia Earhart. Its fitting nickname? “Where Statesmen Dine.”

image via flickr