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The Best Twitter Accounts Vying for the White House


August 21st, 2015

The Best Twitter Accounts Vying for the White House

hillary-clinton-wants-you-to-describe-your-student-loan-debt--in-emojis Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to watch the news or attend rallies to get educated on who’s going to take the top spot in the White House in November 2017. It’s the Digital Age, and today we are looking at our potential future leaders through the lens of their Twitter handles.

Bernie Sanders @SenSanders

The liberal Vermont Democrat is quite progressive on the social media. He can pack a punch with tweets like, “It’s profoundly wrong that we have a proliferation of billionaires and the highest rate of childhood poverty.” Additionally, Sanders utilizes quotes and media like so: Also, if you’re too lazy to register to vote, he has some super helpful ideas!

Rand Paul @RandPaul

Rand Paul, like Sanders, gets straight to the point on the Twitter, which is perfect for the platform’s short-segment format. One can quickly gather the general angle of his campaign with simple tweets like, “I’m running for president so the next generations can make the most out of their lives in ways they see fit.” Broad, yet simple. Paul also has a solid hold on two majorly important Twitter elements. The first is the hashtag, who can argue with #StandWithRand? Secondly, is merchandising!  

Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton

We get to enjoy a little bit of everything with Democratic candidate and former secretary of state and first lady, Hillary Clinton. She’s got the straight politics down with witty banter in tweets like, “Today is Social Security’s 80th birthday. Congrats on reaching what some Republicans think should be the retirement age.” Beyond politics, Clinton has some media savvy tweets like above on how she will help people afford college and pay off student loans. She also has that familial allure, with “proud mom” tweets like here.  

Donald Trump @RealDonaldTrump

Much like his campaign, Donald J. Trump’s Twitter is endlessly entertaining with self-indulgent proclamations and politically charged statements. While tweets like, “We must stop the crime and killing machine that is illegal immigration. Rampant problems will only get worse. Take back our country!” are super controversial, they get people riled up and talking, which is in many ways the allure of following a presidential election. Then, Trump just gets childish and it’s just downright funny with tweets like, Yes, Mr. Trump, truly weird… image via newsatme

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