Some Like it Hot: The Best Spots for Soup on Capitol Hill


As the harsh cool of winter approaches, visitors and citizens of Washington DC are transitioning their diets towards more warming nourishment. While one can find a variety of great food in DC throughout the year with a culturally diverse community and strong culinary scene, there are certain treats better reserved for the late autumn and winter months. One of this country’s favorite winter meals is and has been a nice, piping hot bowl of soup. Hot water, broth, veggies, meats and the potential for all sorts of different flavors, soup is enjoyed around the globe. To help lead visitors in the right direction during their November and December stays, we’ve decided to throw a little list together of some of our favorite spots to get soup on Capitol Hill.

Ted’s Bulletin

Located just half a mile away from Capitol Hill Hotel, Ted’s Bulletin is a local favorite for classic American fare. In the soup department, the most popular definitely has to be Ted’s Tomato Soup, which is served with the liquid treat’s classic counterpart— a grilled cheese sandwich. This wonderful meal is sure to warm your belly on a cold winter day. Some other restaurant favorites include country fried steak and beer biscuits.


This French cafe near the Capitol Hill Hotel offers a wonderful collection of artfully prepared cuisine. In regards to soup, attendees must try their delicious Onion Soup au Gratin. There’s also a soup of the day, which, depending on the day, just might tickle your fancy. This restaurant is a must try all year round, but will be especially warming and delightful when there’s a strong frost in the air.

Anh Dao

If you’re not familiar with the delicious wonder of pho— Vietnamese soup— now is the time and Anh Dao is a great place to start. This Vietnamese Capitol Hill restaurant is one of the most beloved and sought after eateries around. Their variety of pho soups include chicken and beef, and the dish is served piping hot. When looking for a warm bowl of soup this winter in Washington DC, Anh Dao is sure to please.