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Capitol Hill is filled with people talking. Congress, tour guides, journalists…the whole thing is one loud, convoluted conversation. To help interested parties sift through the duds, here are some of the best blogs on Capitol Hill.

The KGB LIfe

A product of popular news network Politico, this blog is a cross-breed of gossip column and political theory. Kate Glassman Bennett is the writer behind the cheeky thread, which includes topics like Hillary Clinton’s mansion hopping and the best presidential campaign t-shirts for the upcoming election.

Capitol Hill Style

This is the premier fashion blog for women on Capitol Hill. Read through for insights on what’s hot for ladies on the Hill and  fashionistas everywhere. Some questions that Capitol Hill Style will answer for you include: Is it Ever Okay to Wear a Backpack? and Are Skinny Jeans on the Way Out?

In the Know

The Hill is a loyal local platform covering news, policies, business, campaigns, and general Capitol Hill opinion. In the Know is its light-hearted onsite gossip blog.. Check it out to find out about Hillary Clinton’s addiction to HGTV and Jeb Bush’s success with the Paleo diet.

The Monkey Cage

Inspired by H.L. Mencken’s quote, “Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage,” this award-winning Washington Post blog explores political science research in relation to modern happenings on Capitol Hill and around the the world.