Two bikes parked outside of a blue brick wall.

A gorgeous, unique city—Washington, DC is great to explore on foot, in a car, on a boat on one of the rivers, and of course, by bicycle. Guests can borrow one of Capitol Hill Hotel’s stylish Republic Bikes for free during a stay, and use it to visit some of the city’s most noteworthy neighborhoods and sights. These are some of the best spots to bike in Washington DC:

The National Mall

A long stretch of the nation’s most noteworthy memorials and monuments, the National Mall is a particularly scenic area to take a bike ride in Washington, DC. Around the corner from The Capitol Hill Hotel, you can take off from here and cruise past landmarks like the U.S. Capitol Building, all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial.

Georgetown Waterfront

The Georgetown Waterfront is one of the best designed outdoor parks in Washington, DC. Its long running pathways ride the coast of the gorgeous Potomac River, making this an ideal spot to bring your Capitol Hill Hotel bicycle for a cruise.

To Virginia!

You can take a bike ride all the way to Virginia—and don’t worry, it’s not as long of a ride as it sounds. In just twenty minutes, you can take a scenic ride from Capitol Hill Hotel through the National Mall, past the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and over the 14th Street Bridge and the Potomac River all the way to Virginia, where attractions like The Pentagon, and Alexandria await.

Hains Point

Take a ride out to East Potomac Park, and its famous southern lookout spot—Hains Point. A gorgeous bike ride through the city, and the outdoor park with its wide pathways and tall trees, will lead you to Hains, which offers splendid views of the Potomac River and Washington Channel.

Capital Crescent Trail

Capital Crescent Trail is an off-road trail that runs all the way from Georgetown to Silver Spring, Maryland. Head this way for some refreshing nature in the city, while cruising alongside local bikers, walkers, and rollerbladers.