American Beer Classic

As the capital of the United States, Washington DC is the perfect place to showcase one of this country’s favorite pastimes — drinking beer. With recent trends in craft beer tasting, the consumption of this carbonated alcoholic beverage carries a much more sensual and experiential reputation then the outdated perception of sloppy drunkenness.

The American Beer Classic is an exhibition and tasting of some of the most respected and progressive breweries in the country. With educational sessions and lectures, attendees have the opportunity to truly learn about what they’re trying and become more mature and intellectual drinkers.

The classic is set to take place on July 12th at RFK Stadium. Down on the field, twenty-eight breweries will be offering samples. Some of the most respected and well-known participants include: Abita, Mad River Brewing Company, Shipyard Brewing and Atlas Brew Works.

Patrons will each have four hour tasting sessions where they have unlimited access to the days offerings. There is also a VIP ticket, which includes the same four-hour tasting session plus an extra hour-long tasting prior to the Classic’s start time and priority access to the educational sessions. Attendees who are interested in the event and do not wish to drink are encouraged to purchase the cheaper Designated Driver pass, which allows them access to the field and a separate Designated Driver Tent equipped with non-alcoholic beverages and food.

This promises to be a flavorful and joyous event. Participants will spend the day drinking and then vote for the day’s Most Valuable Brew award. This interactive event is a great way to put the knowledge and experience of the day into a fun and exciting competition. The only question left to answer is, Who will be this years MVB?