One of the most popular attractions in all of Washington, DC, the U.S. Capitol Building is both a beacon of history, and an active host of American politics. When you stay with the Capitol Hill Hotel, you can walk over to this landmark and learn about its rich history and identity. Here’s a little preview.

The Architecture

One of the most revered and coveted examples of 19th-century neoclassical architecture, the Capitol’s dome facade is recognizable around the world. The cornerstone of the building was laid by President George Washington in September of 1793.

Its History

After an arduous construction process, which featured many failed design proposals, many architects, and many wings, the U. S. Capitol Building went on to have a challenging history. IT was burned by British Troops in the War of 1812. Its senators and representatives outgrew it, and its dome was replaced, and extensions were made. And its renovations continue to this day. It’s also a political haven, housing chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate for over 200 years.

The US Capitol Building Today

Today the astonishing Capitol Building grounds cover nearly 200,000 square feet of Washington, DC. It’s still used by Congress, and it houses a museum of American art and history. The building also stands at the beginning of the National Mall, looking outward on an iconic collection of buildings and institutions.

How To Visit

The Capitol Hill Visitor Center is open 8:30am to 4:30pm Mondays through Saturdays with the exception of most major and national holidays. Tours need to be scheduled with the Capitol Building Visitor Center ahead of time and are conducted throughout the day. Admission is free.

Where To Stay Near The Capitol Building

A short walk away from the U.S. Capitol Building, the Capitol Hill Hotel is an excellent place for those interested in touring the landmark. Our spacious, apartment-style guestrooms are perfect for families and provide a comfortable retreat from the stimulating and awesome city surrounding.

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