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If you’re coming for a long weekend at the Capitol Hill Hotel with your family, or a loved one, or solo, we have a number of dynamite recommendations on how to enjoy the area. From dining, to shopping, seeing some sights you knew, and some sights you didn’t—here’s how to enjoy a long weekend in Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill’s Best Restaurants

Check out this post to discover our recommendations on A Foodie’s Guide To Capitol Hill. There you’ll find recommendations on upscale places like the neighborhood’s best French bistro, an hip spots like an old-school cocktail den tha specializes in French dip sandwiches, and

Our Favorite Local Shops

Capitol Hill is also home to a number of special local shops that offer a number of special products, as well as special missions. Check out this list of Our Favorite Local Shops and discover local shops like the coolest stationary store you’ve ever seen, and a pizza place helping the homeless.

The National Mall

If you’re in Capitol Hill for a long weekend, you really have no excuse to miss The National Mall. While it is an obvious recommendation for tourists, it’s also one of the most spectacular collection of historic monuments, museums, and government buildings in the world. Make it a day, rent a bike and cruise from the U.S. Capitol Building all the way to the Lincoln Memorial.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Capitol Hill happens to be surrounded by many of the most interesting and diverse neighborhoods in Washington, DC. Some places you’ll want to explore include Noma, the Navy Yard, Dupont Circle and the Atlas District. Learn more about these surrounding neighborhoods in our post on them here.

The Capitol Hill Hotel

The luxurious and well-appointed guest rooms at the Capitol Hill Hotel offer the perfect respite during a long weekend in Capitol Hill. Come here for plush bedding, and finely finished furnishings, in a culturally rich atmosphere accented by chic art.

Check out our Special Offers and book your long weekend now, or check out our Neighborhood Guide for even more recommendations!