Best Bespoke Tailors in DC

Washington DC is filled to the brim with style. The presence of politicians and business travelers on the Hill places a premium on bespoke suiting in the capitol city. To stay on- and ahead of-trend and get the perfect fit, you need something made especially for you.

Here’s our take on a few of the best bespoke tailors in DC:

Field English Custom Tailors

2134 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20007

When looking for a custom made suit in Washington DC, Field English Custom Tailors is an excellent place to start. Founded in 1968, Field English has garnered a reputation for precision and accountability. Their inventory has a desirable variety carrying sport coats, shooting jackets, dinner suits, waistcoats, overcoats and old-fashioned fitted suits. Following English-style suiting standards, Field English Custom Tailors delivers elegance and authenticity you can count on.

Enzo Custom Clothiers

1001 Connecticut Avenue NW #615
Washington, DC 20036

Enzo Custom Clothiers is one of the most experientially enjoyable bespoke tailors in all of Washington DC. They take the concept of personalization — the backbone of bespoke fitting — to an unparalleled level. The experts at Enzo sit you down with music of your choosing and a glass of scotch. Once you’re feeling like a high-profile VIP, they craft your outfit based on a conversation about who you want to be and how you want to look. This methodical and comfortable approach — along with its eclectic inventory — makes Enzo a must-stop bespoke tailor experience.

Everard’s Clothing

1802 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007

Everard’s Clothing is one of the most reputable and accommodating bespoke tailors in the District. Featured on Larry King and a number of renowned local publications, The Georgetowner and Washingtonian, the high-quality nature of Everard’s is undeniable. Catering to men and women with an inventory of designer brands and custom fits, Everard’s Clothing has everything the well-coiffed DC denizen — or visitor — needs.