Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

In 1912, Japan gave the United States a collection of its famous Cherry Blossom trees as a sign of good relations. Some of these lovely pink-and-white-leafed beauties landed in Manhattan, and some of them came right here to the nation’s capital.

More than a century later, the full-grown and visually sensational trees have become a Washington DC landmark. Attracting millions of photographers each year and drawing thousands of visitors to an annual festival, these trees are quite the attraction.

This years Cherry Blossom Festival will take place from March 20 through April 15, 2018. To experience the magic of cherry blossoms in Washington DC, here are three of the best places in which to enjoy cherry blossom trees in Washington, DC. (And be sure to check out our Cherry Blossoms at Capitol Hill Hotel special!)


It is a law in Washington DC that no other building can stand taller than the Washington Monument. So when you go to this iconic pillar of United States landmarks, you’re truly looking to the pinnacle of the great National Mall.
In addition to the Washington Monument’s prestige, it also happens to be one of the best places in the city from which to view cherry blossom trees, which are in bloom throughout the spring.

Washington Monument Grounds. 2 15th St. NW


Right across the street from the Washington Monument Grounds sits West Potomac Park. This little stretch of land rests right on the mystically blue Tidal Basin with the Jefferson Memorial sitting in full view across the water. Along the water, the park offers pedestrians a series of benches sidelining a runway perfect for jogs, walks and bike rides.

Also along this bikeway sits a grove of magnificent cherry blossom trees. Sitting in the grass and gazing out on the basin and memorial through the pinkish hue of the cherry blossom leaves is about as visually lovely of an experience one can find in Washington DC.

West Potomac Park. Independence Ave SW


Located on the other side of the basin, East Potomac Park marks one of the last places to see cherry blossoms in Washington DC. A step away from the other two locations on the National Mall, East Potomac Park holds the advantage of being the least frequented and most peaceful cherry blossom spot.

East Potomac Park also has two golf courses, running and biking trails and an incomparable view of planes taking off from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. With all of these lovely attractions, don’t forget to take a minute and enjoy the cherry blossoms in their magnificent springtime wonder.

East Potomac Park. Ohio Dr. SW


At the gorgeous National Arboretum, you can explore 76 varieties of cherry trees in full blossom. You can take a self-guided tour on foot, in your car, or on a bicycle from the Capitol Hill Hotel (which guests can borrow for free). An acclaimed landmark of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Research Service, this is one of DC’s most popular warm-weather destinations, so be prepared to share the sights of these trees with some fellow admirers.

The United States National Arboretum. 3501 New York Ave. NE


Located in nearby Vienna, Virginia, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is a gorgeous 95-acre piece of land with lakes, wildflowers, gazebos, birds, butterflies, walking trails, and magnificent cherry blossom trees. This is one of the best ways to enjoy these gorgeous blossoms away from the hustle and bustle of DC. Specifically, one of the best spots to go is the Korean Bell Garden at Meadowlark, which features over 100 trees as well as a collection of Korean shrubs along a glistening lake. Meadowlark is about a half-hour drive from the Capitol Hill Hotel.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. 9750 Meadowlark Gardens Court. Vienna, VA


One of the less-frequented cherry blossom spots in Washington, DC, Stanton Park is a great place to hang out and a neighborhood favorite. Right here in Capitol Hill, it’s one of the most accessible viewing hangouts to our guests. It’s just a ten-minute walk away. At the heart of the park, stands a statue of Revolutionary War hero General Nathanael Greene, and surrounding it are walkways, small gardens, a playground for children, and an impressive collection of cherry blossoms.

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