This year, our Washington Nationals are one of the best baseball teams in the Major Leagues with dynamite pitching by Max Scherzer and admirable numbers from big-swinging-lefty Bryce Harper.

The last MLB team to play in our city was the Washington Senators who had their own stars and a World Series Championship in 1924.

With hypotheticals at our leisure, we were wondering who would win in a game between that champion Senators team and this years’ impressive Nationals franchise.

Key Matchups:

Walter Johnson v Nationals Hitters


Walter Johnson Statue at Nationals Park via flickr

The best pitcher on that Senators team was Walter Johnson. Nicknamed the Big Train, he earned a total of 417 victories in his career with over 3,500 strikeouts. There’s no doubt this heavy hurler would give the Nationals lineup some trouble.

Young-all-star centerfielder Bryce Harper would likely be Johnson’s greatest challenge with a 2015 average near .350 and upwards of 30 home runs half way through the season. An otherwise decent, but unimpressive, Nationals lineup might squeeze out a run or two.

Pending a Harper home run after a hit from pesky no.3 hitter Yunel Escobar, we will give the Nats 2 runs in a complete game effort by the fireballer Walter Johnson.

Max Scherzer v Senators Hitters


image via flickr

As impressive as Johnson’s career numbers were, Nationals’ ace Max Scherzer is working on quite the season himself. Nearing the All-Star Break, the 6’3” right hander has an astounding 2.12 ERA, and in June he pitched 18 straight innings allowing just one hit, shutting out the Pirates and Brewers in the process.

Versus the Senators, he would be taxed with facing Hall-of-Famers’ Goose Goslin and Sam Rice. Goslin’s .316 career average and 248 home runs would have him with at least one extra base hit, bringing in Sam Rice who could very well be on base with one of his nearly 3,000 career hits.

Not foreseeing any long-bombs off of Scherzer, we’re going to guess that Goslin knocks in Rice for the game’s only run leaving the Nationals victorious in a 2-1 pitchers duel.

Whether or not today’s boys would take the cake is left up to the imaginations of baseball historians and fans all over.

cover image via flickr