You Have Until the End of the Month to Catch: The DC Jazz Festival

While the majority of June has past, there is still time left to get out and catch some of the many live musical performances offered by the DC Jazz Festival. The excitement surrounding this ongoing presentation of some of the most respected and accomplished jazz musicians in the country is evident in the festivals history and following.

Over a hundred performances spread across several venues in and around Washington DC are a testament to the grandeur of the DC Jazz Festival. In addition to the acclaimed professional artists who play throughout the nearly month-long festival, performances by smaller local artists are also available for the audibly curious. For passionate jazz enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with this magnetic musical genre, the DC Jazz Festival presents an incomparable experience. This year is especially exciting, as patrons and performers celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary.

Already in full swing, there have been many concerts that set the stage for the rest of the month. David Shulman in ‘Interpreting Paintings into Jazz’ offered an interesting display of musical ability. ‘The Herman Burney Trio featuring Jazzin at Sitar Students’ presented a fascinating collaboration with acclaimed and unknown musicians creating superb sounds together.

While the DC Jazz Festival has already produced so many shows worth attending, those who will be in DC for the end of the month have just as much to look forward too.

On June 27th the group ‘Jazz in the Garden Sin Miedo: A Salsa Party’ will bring jazz with a Latin flare to the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. On the same day, former Eric Clapton collaborator and drummer for the classic rock band Cream, Ginger Baker will be showcasing his skills at the Howard Theatre.

Washington DC will simply have so much to offer at the end of this month. Whether patrons are enjoying beloved music, or discovering new wonders, there are simply worthwhile experiences to be had at the DC Jazz Festival.