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The Nationals are returning to action this spring, which means we have a solid six months of world-class baseball with a World Series contender in our corner. Here are the games we’re most excited for.

April 7th vs Marlins

A team’s home opener is always one of the most important games of the season. Facing off against the Miami Marlins, the Nats are poised for a big day with either Max Scherzer or Stephen Strasburg likely to take the mound.

April 23rd vs Mets

One of a team’s greatest tests is squaring off against defending champions. The efficient and defensively magnificent New York Mets will fight to stay the best team in the NL this season, but will have to come through Washington first this April, and likely again in the fall.

May 9th vs Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are one of the most competitive and respected teams in MLB every year. We’re hoping that Scherzer takes the hill against his old squad this May, when they come to town with all-stars like Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and Ian Kinsler.

June 13th vs Cubs

Sports writers and fans are saying that the scrappy Chicago Cubs could be a contender this year. While they have some prowess on the mound with the likes of Jon Lester, we’re excited to see what Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth have in store for them.

July 15th vs Pirates

The Pirates are one of the most well rounded and electric teams in the league, and (selfishly) we’re excited to see them come to DC. There’s sure to be energy with matchups like Francisco Liriano versus Ryan Zimmerman, or Andrew McCutchen versus Jonathan Papelbon.

July 19th vs Dodgers

Following the All-Star break, the boys are sure to be rested to follow up another stretch against Pittsburgh with their first home games against LA. A start from Clayton Kershaw could prove challenging for our squad, which makes the series all the more fun to look forward to.

August 24th vs Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles have emerged as an American League East powerhouse over the past few years, and we’ll get plenty of them this August. After playing two games in Baltimore, both teams will take the short trip over to DC to bring this next-door rivalry to RFK Stadium.

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