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In D.C. for Halloween and have absolutely no clue what to go as? Here are some Halloween costumes that are sure to be perfect for your night out in Capitol Hill.

President Obama

Get your deep voice and over the top hand gestures down and try your hand at your best Obama impersonation. If you need some help mastering your act, check out this “How to Do the Perfect Obama Impersonation” video: http://on.wsj.com/1gt8e0v

Costume Essentials:

  • Obama face mask.
  • A nice suit and a good pair of dress shoes. Don’t forget to add an American flag pin!
  • Have a few friends that were hoping to go as a group? Get them to dress up as your secret service entourage. To pull off the look, make sure they’re dressed in all black suits with sunglasses and earpieces. Have them maintain an “all business” attitude.  

Donald Trump

Dress up as one of the most talked about candidates of the 2015 election. From his stark comments to his questionable appearance there is plenty you can do to make yourself the best Donald Trump  this Halloween.

Costume Essentials:

  •      A messy blond wig (or go all out and get yourself a Donald Trump mask.)
  •      A nice suit, a good pair of shoes, and don’t forget the red tie.
  •      To really make sure people understand your costume try adding a “Make America Great Again” camo hat.

“I’m Just a Bill”

Remember the “I’m Just a Bill on Capitol Hill” episode of Schoolhouse Rock that you watched in pretty much every class as a kid, or showed your own children? Well the main character makes one hilarious and nostalgic Halloween costume.

Costume Essentials:

2016 Election Reporter & Camera Man

Get in on the action and try some hard-hitting news casting for the night. It’ll be the perfect chance to score interviews with celebrities and politicians. This costume works as a one or a two person costume.

Costume Essentials:

  • For the newscaster: An outfit you would wear to the office and some glasses to add a “professional” look, and a microphone branded by your favorite network.
  • For the camera operator: a grey t-shirt and vest, a little name tag with your news network, a pair of jeans, a large camera bag and a camera (real or fake) around your neck.

Founding Fathers

Last but not least, go as your favorite founding father. With this you have a few different options. You can go as George Washington, Abe Lincoln, or Ben Franklin.

Want to spice it up a bit? Go for an “undead” take and make zombify your costume.

Costume Essentials:

  • A classic white wig.
  • Pick your founding father!
  • Here’s an example of a George Washington, or a generic colonial.
  • Abe Lincoln more your guy? Check this one out.
  • Going for the undead look?  Add some rips in the clothing, a bit of white makeup and fake blacked out contacts, and fake blood around your mouth.